My first mid-cycle ultrasound, Grover Clevelands, and nausea

February 11, 2013 § 8 Comments

You know those days when you feel like everything is going beautifully? Well, I haven’t had too many of them in the past several months. I’ve had some, for sure. But, for the most part, I’ve felt unsettled.

I decided today that I think that notion of being unsettled is the result of feeling hopeless. And, I know this because today I felt great nearly all day (except when an old friend announced her pregnancy with number two and I had about of ten minute period of the why is everyone fertile but me‘s).

My mid-cycle ultrasound was at 8 AM this morning. And I think I’m pretty pleased with my response to the Femara. This morning, which is my CD 12, my lining weighed in at a beautiful 9.2 mm. I had three measurable follicles – one at 21.5 mm, one at 13.5 mm, and one at 13 mm. From what I’ve read on the all-knowing Dr. Google, the smaller two will likely do nothing for me.

Overall, I’m really pleased. My body is really weird and finicky. It responds to meds/supplements/substances in a really funky way. Either a) nothing happens or b) I’m extraordinarily sensitive and have every weirdie side effect in the book. For instance, I am super super sensitive to caffeine. I stopped drinking it about 4 months ago, but before that, I had only about 8 oz of coffee a day (almost nothing), which I had to make sure to drink first thing in the morning. If I didn’t have any by 11:00 AM, I’d get a terrible withdrawal headache by 1:00. And if I drank anything at all with caffeine after about noon, I would straight not sleep that night. For the whole night. Which is why I felt like a slave and finally quit cold turkey after a 15 year love affair with coffee.

I digress.

I do kind of wish that one of those other two measurable follies would have been a little bigger. If we’re dropping a Grover Cleveland* on one cycle, I wanted to get my money’s worth with a shot at two mature eggs.

Tonight, we triggered. And I actually took video of it. Because, y’all. The Artsy Engineer was hilarious. He wasn’t at my appointment this morning, so he didn’t get to hear the instructions first hand. He also hates needles. He admitted to me this morning that he has been looking at the package that was so dear to my heart with dread. In fact, when I pulled the materials out tonight, he developed all sorts of different kinds of symptoms. By the time we had everything sterilized and prepped, he was white as a sheet, his hands were shaking, and he’d been telling me for about 45 minutes that he thought he was getting sick**.

But he did it, and he did a great job. I didn’t feel a thing.

I’m now about ready for bed. According to the chart my RE gave me, we have to go have sex now, so cover your eyes. In approximately 36 hours, I will hopefully ovulate. This sucker will be the freshest egg I have ever ovulated (usually they sit around in there for at least another week or two before they decide to make the trip). I know our odds are still not good. But I feel some hope, because I think they’re at least a little better than they have been up to this point. And that little bit of hope went a long way for me today. Me and my healthy, average response to medication. I couldn’t believe it. I felt like a celebrity. Happier than a pig in shit. Like a million bucks.

*Apparently Grover Cleveland, US President #22 and #24 (the only US President to serve two nonconsecutive terms), was on a $1000 bill that was published in the 1934. Who knew.


**It’s now an hour and a half later and (lo and behold!) he’s not sick. He’s playing his guitar with his harmonica strapped around his neck. Full of energy and zest. And health.


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§ 8 Responses to My first mid-cycle ultrasound, Grover Clevelands, and nausea

  • bustedoven says:

    DUDE! My very first CD12 scan is tomorrow morning at 8:30am. I love that we are totally on the same track. ALSO, my two best friends both already have very adorable little girls, and now THEY ARE BOTH PREGNANT AT THE SAME TIME. One is 10 weeks, and the other just got a BFP on Friday. I am super excited for both of them… but not only am I being lapped by my two best ladies, it’s BOTH of them at the SAME TIME. It’s making me use caps lock a lot, obv.

    Anyway, eeeeee, hope this is it for you!!

  • YeahScience! says:

    Wait, WHERE IS SAID VIDEO?? I wanna watch the hilarity! Also, despite what Dr. Google says, I wouldn’t discount those other smaller follies — when I’ve done IUIs, it’s often turned out that the 1.3 guys have turned into 1.8 or 1.9 guys, which is definitely big enough to be mature. In any case, best of luck! Let’s think of some distractions for you during the 2ww… 🙂

    • Really? That makes me feel good. I just want that extra shot for his swimmers. And yes, I could certainly use some distractions. This is the worst part. It does help a bit, though, to be able to spread my fretting around to other bloggers, instead of focusing it all on my own self.

      Oh, and I’ll actually consider posting the video for a brief time. You see a little ass cheek in it, though, so I’d be giving everyone a show that they likely could do without. 🙂

  • I wish you the best! Love to follow your blog! You make me smile. I am on day 2 of Femara, right now! I love it!

  • infertmyrt says:

    first of all, thanks for the follow 🙂 secondly, it’s now about 24 hours post-trigger shot and i am sending you all sorts of good vibes. super-duper good vibes. such good vibes, you might just get triplets!

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