May 4, 2013 § 7 Comments

I have more updates on my letrozole protocol and my RE’s reaction to my pleading request to please do everything in your arsenal to make this work because maybe you’re not doing enough and here, here’s a better idea, even though you’re the specialist suggestions. But those are going to have to wait for now. Right now I am supposed to be writingwritingwriting this damn beast of a literature review. Clearly, I’m having a hard time staying focused.

Because, I wanted to quickly show you this pair of socks.

Months ago, I signed up for one of Cristy’s sock exchanges. To my delight, I was paired up with dear Sadie. And guys. Sadie sent me these colorful socks and this colorful card and it made my week. Now I need to finally get hers in the mail. It is coming, Sadie. It is coming, friend!

Feeling the love.

Feeling the love.

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