How do you label a post like this?: Ultrasound #1, 6 weeks 4 days

August 6, 2013 § 54 Comments

The subconscious is a powerful beast.

I wrote that post last night feeling all zen, and then I tossed and turned all night long and somewhere in there I fell asleep for long enough to have at least three nightmares about horrible ultrasounds. I guess I could police my fears well enough when the sun was up, but my ego was off the clock when I crawled into bed.

I finally gave up and got out of bed at 5:15 and showered. Then, to distract myself, I read through some internship program brochures, since I have to narrow down the list to 15(ish) by the end of the month.

Artsy Engineer and I drove together to the appointment. I felt pretty numb while  in the car, but as soon as we walked into the RE’s office, I started crying. Luckily it was only us in there. We talked about what we’d do if it was bad news. We had zero ideas.

They took me back, drew some blood, asked for a urine sample, and took my blood pressure, which was through the roof. We got one of our favorite nurses (they have several stellar ones who I feel I’ve bonded with), and both she and the doc were present for the actual ultrasound.

I looked at the screen briefly right away and saw black space but nothing inside,  so I promptly looked away from the screen and at my husband’s face. The RE said, “huh.” And then she asked me to give her just a minute to “see what’s going on.”

What sort of response is that?!!

But then I understood.

You guys. There were two babies in there. Two babies.

Both were 7mm. I don’t know if this was the measurement for the fetal pole or crown to rump length. I thought you couldn’t do the latter until 7 weeks, right?

Then she turned on the audio. This was the most surreal moment I have ever experienced. Baby A (I have a baby A?!!) had a heart rate of 122 bpm. Baby B’s was 124. Both were incredible and each one made me cry.

I let out many exclamations of surprise. We were and are completely (completely!) shocked. This possibility did not cross my mind even once. We had sooo many chances over the course of months and months and months and this cycle has two eggs and they are both fertilized, implant, and have grown (on track) to the stage where I can hear their hearts beating. It seems like such a very odd thing.

Artsy Engineer couldn’t bear to go straight to work afterward, so we went for coffee and a second small breakfast. We just sat across from one another, staring at each other and smiling every couple of minutes and shaking our heads.

The doctor warned us (and of course, we know) that it is still very early and that there remains a high chance of miscarriage. We will do another ultrasound two weeks from today. She said that the 8 week ultrasound is the “big one” and that if things look well at 8 weeks, they typically continue to look well.

There is no doubt that I’ll worry about this as the 8 week mark gets closer. But, for now, I have ultrasound pictures of our two babies on my refrigerator and I have three heartbeats happening inside of me.

Artsy Engineer said that we’re already making music.


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§ 54 Responses to How do you label a post like this?: Ultrasound #1, 6 weeks 4 days

  • YeahScience! says:

    Omg, SERIOUSLY?!?! Wow, I was not expecting that result at all… but so, so amazing. Holy crap, insta-family! You will basically never have to do an infertility treatment again, ever! Getting ahead of myself here, but still — this is great great news, and I deeply hope all three heartbeats continue to strengthen. Sending so much love!

  • This is awesome news!!! Just say positive. Those babies are in it for the long run.

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