Still pregnant: 9w6d

August 22, 2013 § 33 Comments

Being away at the cottage on the lake with 35 family members was definitely THE way to pass time post-bleeding and pre-ultrasound. Truthfully, I stopped worrying entirely. I just forgot about it. And it probably helped that I was obviously nauseated for the first time in this pregnancy starting on Saturday. I’m back to feeling fine now, but Saturday and Sunday were a incredibly uncomfortable. In fact, the only time when I didn’t feel like I was a 7 out of 10 on the nausea scale when a 7.5 would include violent vomiting was when I was physically shoving food in my mouth. The act of eating was the single thing I could do to relieve it, but as soon as I was done chewing, it was back. Very strange. Anyway, I was relaxed enough to spend 4 hours shivering and crashing repeated into the water while trying to learn how to windsurf. So, yeah. I’d say I was feeling pretty decent.

It was really difficult not to tell my extended family. We get to see everyone together like this once a year. My mom is the oldest of 6, and I have somewhere around 18 cousins on that side (I’m feeling too lazy to count on my fingers). I’m the oldest. The youngest are a pair of 9 year old identical twin boys. It would have been so nice to be able to share the news in person. But we just weren’t ready.

Yesterday’s ultrasound was easy and fast and very much a relief. Pre-scan, while I was failing to provide a urine sample (I can’t force a pee when I’m anxious to save my life) and taking a nervous poo instead, the nurse told Artsy Engineer that this ultrasound was huuuge. He was sweating bullets by the time I got back to the room. But, guys, everything is fine. Inmates 122 and 124, as Artsy Engineer has coined them, are growing as they should. They were 20mm and 19.5mm, respectively. Nearly an inch. We got to hear the heartbeats again and they were so incredibly fast it scared me. According to the RE, everything is within normal limits, so I will trust her, but they were both around 180, which seems on the high end. They looked like a mix between gummy bears and gingerbread mean, so god knows who their parents are. When I look closely at the ultrasound photos, I feel like I can make out faces, which is very likely my imagination. Kind of like identifying objects in the clouds. But, seriously, they all of the sudden look like they could become real humans and it’s so weird/cool. And. Get this. They took turns wiggling. They were still while the RE was taking their measurements, but then when she was going back to snap some quick photos for us, Baby A started wiggling. And then Baby B joined in. It was, well, surreal. I don’t think I have any other words for it.

I also scheduled with a real OB, but that appointment is still a month out, when I’ll be nearly 13 weeks. I’ll have one more at the fertility clinic in two weeks before my relationship with them comes to an end. I’m strangely a little bit sad about it.

I will write another post soon about all of the thoughts we’ve been fielding about having two babies. I’ve already caught Artsy Engineer googling double strollers. And the other day, while he was at work (strange because, unlike me, when he’s at work, he is strictly business and does nothing but work), he sent me an email with a link to a site about the logistics of cloth diapering twins. But in actuality, in addition to the pure joy I’m experiencing at the idea that we get to meet at once two people who come entirely from my self and the person I love most in this world, I’m also having quite a lot of worries about carrying/birthing/parenting twins. So that will have to wait for another day.

And, finally, I started a new page for ultrasound photos. I want to document and share these babies, but I am also terrified to do so. It’s like the ultimate baby clothes buying in early pregnancy no-no.

Ah well. Screw it. I’m doing it.


§ 33 Responses to Still pregnant: 9w6d

  • J o s e y says:

    SO glad to hear that all is going well!! 180 is a totally normal heart rate at this point – they start out super slow, peak around 180, and by the end of first tri tend to settle into 130s-160s. Also, my midwife said that throughout 2nd and 3rd tri, it varies higher and lower based on how hydrated you are (the heart works harder and faster to beat when you’re dehydrated). Also, the 180s point is because their little bodies are in the “flight” of the “flight or fight” stage of growth right now. At any rate, my provider agrees with your provider – totally normal. 🙂

    • Thanks, Josey! The doc made absolutely zero comments about the heart rates being too fast, but I (of course) needed to find something to worry about. It’s so hard to believe it when I’m told everything is going smoothly in my uterus. I’m not used to that kind of news!

  • Sarah says:

    OH, what a relief! I’m so glad you got to see the inmates. Such a joyfulscaryoverwhelmingterrifying moment! Hooray!!

  • That’s right. Screw it, and post pictures of your kids! be proud! i’m happy to heard everything is going swimmingly. 180’s are NORMAL hr’s for the little ginger gummy men, and because you’ve seen heartbeats TWICE now, please let your anxiety down at least one notch, because you are doing everything perfectly perfect! i’m so happy for you! there is nothing like hearing someone else’s success, it just makes me all warm, fuzzy, and weepy!

    you’ll be proud, i’m off to put the (single, ONE, uno) car seat in the car. Because we’re that close and i’m going to be positive we will get to bring our little man home. Hopefully healthy. I still have trepidations about his health, I have since day 1, but being faithful and hopeful 🙂

    • ahh! i AM proud! carseats in the car = ABSOLUTELY FREAKING REAL. faithful and hopeful will do the trick, friend. i can’t imagine how you are managing the anticipation, because i CAN’T WAIT to see that little guy’s face.

      and, thanks for the reassurance about the 180s. my anxiety has gone down a couple of solid notches, for sure.

  • Gypsy Mama says:

    I love the nicknames!!

    So glad to hear you had a good time with your family and everything is going well for you. It’s crazy how much your life can change in the matter of a few weeks; it doesn’t seem like long ago when you were blogging about starting IVF and here you are blogging about double strollers! YAY!!!

    • I know. It’s so strange. It almost feels like all of that stuff is blurred out already. Less acute. Less painful. But that feeling also makes me nervous. I guess it’s just a reminder of how quickly things can turn around. And you’re right. IVF to double strollers in a matter of weeks. Unreal. xo, lady.

  • SM says:

    That’s so awesome! Turkey’s HB started out in the 170-180s and now it’s down in the 130-140s so Inmate 122 and 124 are right on track! I know it’s so exciting and scary and awesome and terrifying but try and embrace it fully! Your babies look great!

  • julieb79 says:

    Couldn’t be happier for you, Lentil!!! Post those pics! Every week that passes you will get stronger, it will feel realer, and chances of anything going wrong decrease exponentially.

    Sorry your nausea is so bad. Eating and drinking water (or ginger ale/tea) helps and I found activity really helped the most – going for a walk, just being up and doing stuff, going to the store, whatever. Even if I’m stuck working at home, I walk up and down the stairs, do laps around the house, even just dance in place if necessary to keep blood flowing. It’s counter-intuitive because when you feel pukey you don’t want to eat or do much, but it’s the only way… you’ll make it through and feel better in the 2nd tri, which is only another month away, yay!

  • sandlcyr says:

    Ha, love the nicknames. So glad to hear things are on track! I know what you mean about eating to stop nausea- that was my coping method all through the first tri. Just gotta find what works for you! I also know what you mean about feeling sad about leaving the fertility clinic. We were only with ours for a little while, but at our 6.5 week u/s they said OK schedule your next visit with your OB! and my DH’s reaction was, “But I really like this guy…” with the most pitiful sad face I’ve ever seen him make. Thankfully he likes my OB too. And what an AMAZING step for you to get to graduate to that point soon! It’ll be here before you know it.

  • Amber says:

    Heartbeats = totally normal, so I have learned. I questioned when they went DOWN after they had been in the 180’s, and was assured that was normal too. Lentil, I am just so damn happy for you and AE! P.S. I am prone to nervous poo’s as well.

  • I can’t believe it’s ready been 9weeks! Honey that’s amazing! The two are here to stay 😍💃💃💃 soooo happy for you!!

  • Kimberly says:

    aww they DO look like gingergread men!! so cute!

  • missymakes says:

    Great news! I totally laughed out loud at work about the nervous poo. I’m such a child. Also, Artsy Engineer is awesome for researching all that stuff. And it’s never too soon to figure out what you’ll want – I did a bunch of research on twin strollers and happened upon a crazy-good deal, so we already bought ours!

  • So glad to hear all is well (not that I doubted it for a second!) And totally normal to worry about the twins stuff-although my friend and neighbor who has twin 10 year old girls tells me it is perfectly fine. She says you have two hips, two arms, two boobs…no sweat. Of course, she may have blocked out the trauma, but still sort of reassuring, isn’t it?

  • redbluebird says:

    I’m a fan of the nicknames too! Although, you may want to retire them when the babies are born. Or at least before they start school.
    My baby’s heart rate has been anywhere from 135 to 180. The doctors tell me it’s normal every time, so I’m going with that. No Googling!
    I’m so glad to hear all is going well 🙂

  • jesselyn6585 says:

    I can understand being stressed about the idea of having twins: both the good and scary stress. It really is a blessing though. I have the most amazing twin nephews. It’s such a unique gift to watch the way twins interact that it makes up for all of the additional costs and worries. And a postpartum doula could always help you to develop your plan for how to navigate twins. *Sending calming vibes your way*

  • Best. News. Ever.

  • notpregnantandpissed says:

    So glad things are going well! I still cant get over the twin thing!

  • Oh, yay yay YAY! I guess that means we better hurry up and plan our bloggy playdate before they don’t let you on a plane any more 🙂

    Freakin’ adorable that Artsy Engineer is doing that kind of research at work. That is the kind of thing that makes my heart just melt all over the place. You picked a good one, that’s for sure. Just remember that whenever you get nervous about twins. You’re in this together. You’ll do great!

  • Flicka Mawa says:

    I’m so glad that it sounds like things are going well, and you even managed to relax and enjoy your trip!

    It sounds like the ultrasound was great. Isn’t it so amazing to watch them move in there?!

  • Jane Allen says:

    So happy to hear that things are swimming along!

  • Steph Mignon says:

    This post makes me happy! Glad everything is going well and I love picturing your littme babes wiggling around! Also glad to hear your nausea has come and gone like mine has. I puked for the first time last night. It was intense!

  • JustMe says:

    So glad all is still well! I’m so happy that you guys are started to dream, give nicknames, and get used to the idea that this is really happening. Hope the nausea doesn’t get much worse 😦

  • K&A says:

    I am so glad that everything is going well! I can imagine how hard it was to keep your news in. I think it was a good idea. You want to really feel excited to share! But gah! Everrrryonnnneeee was there. Way to be disciplined.

    Your concerns about twins are my concerns about potentially having twins, but artsy engineer is looking double strollers up at work!? That is soooooo sweet. I would LOVE it if I knew that my guy was doing that. You’re in good, caring hands.

  • I’m so glad that you were able to put your fears aside for your family weekend AND that the babies are doing great!! 180 is absolutely a normal heartbeat at this point- during the second trimester the heartbeat should get a bit slower (right now my baby’s heartbeat is about 135 every time I head into the doctor- and I have a lower resting heartbeat than normal so I think the baby is taking after me).

  • Daryl says:

    So glad things are looking good. And that you were able to enjoy your time with your family! You’ll get to tell them soon enough.

  • YeahScience! says:

    Awww, they’re so cute at the gummi bear stage! Also cute at the NT scan, and then they go through this kinda ugly phase when they grow fast but their fat can’t keep up and so they look like scrawny old men, but then they get cute again! Congrats on a great scan and, yes, those heartbeats are awesome — have I already placed my bets on you having two girls? If not, consider this my official wager. 🙂

    Also, hilarious about taking a nervous poo when you were supposed to be peeing… for some reason I pictured you sheepishly offering a poo sample in a pee cup to the nurse and explaining how that was the only thing your body would produce. Hahaha.

  • Aramis says:

    I totally see the gummy bear comparison and now I will forever feel guilty eating them. But I won’t stop, as they are delicious. I’m so glad things are still going great despite your scare…yay for relaxation and comforting ultrasounds!

  • katherinea12 says:

    I’m so glad that the scan went well! Your family event sounds like fun except for the nausea.

  • sarah says:

    THRILLED that all is going well – gummy bears, gingerbread men, or what have you. Hope your worries aren’t too overwhelming about parenting twins. The upside is that you won’t know any different – you’ve never had a singleton and twin-dom will be all you know. And I have a hunch that you two will rock as parents.

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