February 26, 2014 § 72 Comments

On Wednesday, February 19th after learning that our boy had not grown at all in the past two weeks, I had the most amazing cesarean birth experience I could have imagined.

And at 4:21 and 4:22 PM, our sweet babies were born.

World, meet Etta and August.





These photos are from just after birth, so they look a little different already. Many more pictures to come.

I am home. Home after a month in the hospital. The emotional confusion of that transition deserves a post itself. Neither baby was able to be in the room with us after they were born, and they were in different places, so we had to run back and forth to see them. Doing that while having to pump and eat and sleep was really, really hard. Recovering from major abdominal surgery has been cake compared to having a sick child (and a well child) who are separated from you.

Guys, they are tiny. But so mighty. Etta needed no NICU time. She spent her hospital stay in the special care nursery, away from me and hooked to monitors, but was able to come home with me on Monday. She’s now weighing in at around 4 lbs 12 oz. August, who has dropped to 3 lbs and it’s hovering right around there, will be in longer. He’s in the NICU, but he’s doing well. He’s just very skinny. All limbs, that kid. From the start, he was eating breast milk by bottle and breathing without issue, but they’re increasing his feeds a lot, so he’s getting fatigued trying to keep up, and they ended up having to drop a feeding tube Sunday night.

His bilirubin  has also been a bit high, so he has to be under the lights and can’t be held that often. He gets upset and there is no way to comfort him. He also startles a lot because he can’t be swaddled and because he’s blindfolded by his hip baby shades. It’s heartbreaking. He’s coming off today, though, so you better believe that little man will get all the loving he wants over the next few days.

Packing up the fam and heading to the NICU now. Much love to you all. Your support and encouragement have meant the world.

§ 72 Responses to Escape!

  • Unprolific says:

    Congratulations!!! They are beautiful! Good work mama. Hopefully August will get to come home soon!

  • sarah says:

    Wow, wow, wow. Beautiful babies, amazing mama, EXCELLENT names. These two are so lucky. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear updates as you all settle into life as a family of four. Godspeed to home, August!

  • Emily says:

    So happy to hear all is going well and that you had a great birth experience! Your little ones are beyond precious! And the names…perfection.

  • missymakes says:

    Lentil – they are so beautiful. August is going to surprise you, you’ll see. It’s great that he’s not having any breathing issues. Such a huge hurdle cleared right out of the gate. Life away from your newborn is crazy, as you well know now. Some days I’d cry silent tears as we kissed our girls goodbye. Others I’d be just a little thankful for the peaceful sleep we’d be getting (punctuated by dates with the pump, of course). But it goes so fast in the end and it’s incredible to see how strong they are. Thinking of you and sending love to those twins!

  • Amanda says:

    Dear Lentil, I am not sure if you remember me, I’ve commented here only a couple of times, but I have been following your journey, and we got pregnant (through ICSI, after 3 years of infertility) at about the same time.

    First of all congratulations on the arrival of Etta and August, they are both so beautiful and seem so lovely and sweet. I wish you all the, all the joy, the love, the happiness and lots of adventures tugeter

    We had a somewhat similar experience… my membranes broke prematurely at 33 weeks, I was put on bed rest and our baby was born 4 days after that (through a spontaneous vaginal delivery). She then spent a month at the hospital (not at the NICU, but at the incubators, first monitored and then in a normal crib). I totally understand you on the running around, while pumping, trying to eat, sleep, stay healthy, running back and forth and being separated from your child.

    I am glad to hear you are all home now (if I understood properly). That period was intense, but time goes fast.

    I wish you all the best. Hugs.

  • Okay, so I’m way late to the party here, forgive me, I’ve been away…. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I’m so glad to hear that everything is going as smoothly as possible, that your c-section went well and that you have two beautiful babies!!!! Keep us posted on August, grateful to hear he’s doing well in the NICU and that Etta is doing awesome! Congrats again!!!

  • pajamamommas says:

    Congratulations! They’re both lovely! Hope that you’re all home together soon.

  • julieb79 says:

    So happy for you, Lentil! They are precious and I love the names. My Erik is only 4 weeks old now and I feel like I barely survived the last 4 weeks — I have no idea how you’re managing with 2, and the whole NICU ordeal to boot! You are amazing. Hopefully by now August is home and you guys are settling in as a family. Can’t wait to see more pics!

  • Sunny says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous babes, and I’m SURE they are keeping your hands full. Elated for you, lady!!! Congrats 🙂

  • Sarah says:

    Beautiful! Congratulations! I’m so glad you had a positive c-section experience! That’s awesome!

  • Congratulations!! I love the names you chose for your beautiful babies!

  • Hi! Just found you through Lost & Found…I’m so happy you made it so far and had such a great outcome with your birth & babies! Best wishes to all of you as your little guy gets big enough to come home where he belongs.

  • petersentn says:

    Oh wow! I finally just saw this post, and can’t believe your little ones are already a month old! Congratulations, and hoping your little guy is home soon now where he belongs. : )

  • hopingonhope says:

    Hey, hope you are all doing well. Do post an update when time permits. Take care.

  • thebeanstalk says:

    Girlfriend. Listen. I am in LOVE with your writing. I was looking around the internets at TTC blogs, and I came across yours… your posts are so eloquently written.. your emotion is tangible. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. It gives insight and hope.

    I am so so happy that you & the Artsy Engineer now have those adorable little lovely lentils as your very own. (BTW. Your first injection video was too hilarious.)

    Wishing your family all the best!!

  • Lentil, I have not been around in blog land lately but looked you up as soon as I came back. Congrats on the arrival of your precious little ones. I’m amazed at what you’ve been through and I hope that years from now this will be an exciting story that your children ask you to tell them over and over. all my best.

  • notpregnantandpissed says:

    OK, in hopes you get a notification when someone leaves you a comment, I will be that annoying groupie who requests an update! What are you and those sweet babes up to these days?? I need more lentils in my diet!

  • Sunny says:

    We miss you, and hope all is well in Lentil Land, although I can imagine life with twins is more hectic than my brain can even comprehend right now. Sending lots of warm snugglie thoughts.

  • nonsequiturchica says:

    How are things going? You can’t leave all of us hanging!! (Although I totally get not having time to update- and I only had 1 baby!)

  • Flicka Mawa says:

    Lentil, I’m still thinking of you and your babes. I can’t even imagine how crazy busy you must be, but do drop an update when you can. Hoping you and your family are well!

  • JenS says:

    This post just randomly showed up in my feed and I got excited to see an update from you. Alas, it is an old post. I wonder why it showed up as a new one. Blogger is being a tease. Hope you are all doing well.

  • Amber says:

    This just randomly showed up on my feed too! I was so excited to see a post from you, but it’s an oldie. Hope you are your little family are doing well!

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